‘Re-blinding’ Your Home Lexington Kentucky

Homeowners are avoiding big financial moves at this time of recession. Instead of upgrading their living conditions by moving into a bigger home, they’ve instead opted to stick it out in their current residence. The dream to spruce up your home to add to its value still stands firm, and you find yourself scouting through magazines after magazines looking for ideas to renovate your home.
This season, have you considered ‘re-blinding’ your home instead of making significant renovations? This fantastic home improvement can drastically improve the look of your house, almost immediately!
Let the home improvement begin! Here are some ways you can use blinds:

The Fantastically Fabulous Faux Wood & The Vintage Wood

‘Re-blinding’ Your Home Lexington Kentucky

The debate between faux wood and natural wood is the most common one. What kind of wood should you install? Let’s make it simple for you. Even with the similarities, it is essential to note that each option is best in certain situations. For instance, faux wood is a preferred blind in places with high moisture levels, like the kitchen or bathroom.

On the other hand, if you’re going for a homely, cozy, and warm atmosphere, then let wood blinds grace your windows! Get the best faux wood blinds and wood blinds here at Miller’s Window Works!

Energy Efficient Blinds

Re-Blinding Your Home Lexington KY

Most people fail to account for the fact that energy-efficient blinds are one that pays for themselves. You’re not just reducing your carbon footprints, saving the planet via electricity conservation, but you are also reducing your utility bills! Solar shades work best here, strategically protecting your furniture while maintaining the temperature indoors.

It has been estimated that utility bills have been reduced by 30% on installing these solar shades.

Consider Going Vertical

If blinds have the power to add value to your house, it is vertical blinds that dramatically transform its look. It’s like taking a leap from conventional to contemporary with these stunning and modern blinds. Not only do they provide excellent control of the sunlight filtering in, but they also award you the desired privacy. Take a look at some vertical blinds to get started.

Re-blinding your home doesn’t have to be challenging anymore. It would help if you had the right team of experts to guide your home renovation to enhance your house’s value.

Re-Blinding Your Home Lexington KY

Miller’s Window Works offer a range of blinds, shades, and shutters to provide your home with the added stylish! For more information, call and schedule a consultation today.