There’s no denying that the right draperies or blinds work wonderfully to alter and enhance the look of your home. However, the combination of the two; how about that? We asked a common question, “Do curtains and blinds work together?” The answer is a resounding affirmative!

The perfect combination of the hard and soft window treatment could be designed to add a dramatic touch into your home, transforming it into a stunning view that adds value to your home. Ready to make that perfect match? Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you find the right curtains with your favorite blinds:

DO Choose the Blind First

When setting out on the quest to match curtains and blinds, it’s always recommended to opt for blinds first. You may want to choose a solid block of color since they provide you with more flexibility with your draperies choice. In most cases, the blinds you choose with be aluminum made or a variation of wood. They generally feature a warmer look. The color of the blinds acts as a primary source, upon which your drapery color will depend. Pick a color that complements and contrasts the blinds. Also, please pay attention to the fabric choice, and how well it fits with the room.

DON’T Layer Patterns Over Patterns

Ok, so you might harbor a passion for colors and patterns, but it doesn’t bode well to go overboard with your window treatment options. Working with a variety of colors works well, provided you know what you’re doing. Combining blind patterns with drapery patterns can be overwhelming, especially if you have a smaller room. Mix a single colored blind with a patterned drapery to exhibit your interest for textures and patterns.

DO Match the Curtain and Blind Color with the Heading

Consistency is a crucial element. After selecting the patterns and colors for your curtains and blinds, you should make sure that it matches your choice of window rod or header. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an exact match, but instead, ensure incorporation of color that is of the same accent.

DON’T Pick the Same Draperies for the Entire House

It may seem like a wise decision to select a single print of drapery for all the rooms. The draperies and blinds combination tie up the room together. By using the same design template for every room will come across as monotonous. It is essential you take into consideration the theme in each room.

You kids’ room will need something more playful and young; while your living room needs a touch of comfort and sophistication. Play around with each space, experimenting with shades and patterns.

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