Vertical Blinds in Lexington, KY


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    Please take a look at our collection of vertical blinds in Lexington KY. These are the perfect window treatments for sliding doors and large windows.

    Our customized assortment consists of textured or smooth styles of vinyl, chic S-Curve vanes, as well as excellent fabric materials.

    When closed, they provide privacy and protect carpets and furniture from damaging sunlight. Extremely easy-to-maintain vinyl collections mean fewer tasks and more time for other things.

    We carry a large selection of fabrics and materials for vertical blinds in Lexington KY.


    Unique not Ordinary

    The distinct style of S-Curve vanes makes them stand apart from the others. Additionally, this substitute to drapes is of course energy efficient and helps keep rooms comfy all year long.


    Convenient and cordless, singular and safe. The Safety Wand operates Vertical Blinds with a twist of the wrist or a tug.

    vertical blind cord control Lexington KY

    Standard Chain & Cord Control

    A chain swivels vanes to open up and also shut, along with a cord fastened to the wall in the interest of safety measures that traverses the blinds across the window.

    demo of safety wand Lexington KY

    Safety Wand Control

    Turn wand to open as well as shut vanes, draw wand to pull blinds side to side. The wand control is undoubtedly a child-safe option to the conventional chain and cord control.


    vertical with free hang fabrics Lexington KY

    Free Hang

    Free hang fabrics permit sunlight to filter through the vanes lightly.
    Sealed-in weights serve to help keep vanes hang tidy and uniform.

    vertical with inserts Lexington KY

    Insert Groovers

    Fabric vanes placed into groovers preserve a soft look while at the same time maximizing energy efficiency and opacity and delivering a neutral look to the exterior.

    vertical blind Lexington KY stacking


    Conventional stacking blinds open up in the center and stack vanes on both the right and left areas. Or choose for a one way right or left stack to accommodate door opening or household furniture.