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    Aluminum horizontal blinds offer an affordable and fashionable window covering alternative. Similarly one inch mini blinds in Lexington KY are of either a six-gauge or the more durable eight gauge heavy duty thickness. Two-inch horizontal aluminum blinds are far more common in the eight gauges. Accordingly at the same time have the added benefit of attractive cloth tapes as an option.

    Likewise the selection of colors and options permit you to select an option that fits with your existing design. Also have your window treatments in Lexington KY stand apart as a design element in the room.

    Why Aluminum blinds vary according to rooms

    Moreover the aluminum blinds in Lexington KY can be very variable in width, and homeowners can choose whether the slats are vertical or horizontal. Furthermore one of the main reasons why people go with this option is possibly to be in charge of how much light is allowed in the house.

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    Express Your Style

    With Palette of Color and Texture of Aluminum Blinds in Lexington KY


    Gorgeous form, great function. Whether a hard-to-reach window or a safe system for little ones, we have an innovative cordless solution for the job.

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    Press the button on the lower rail to lift and lower the aluminum blind. Disengage the button to lock the aluminum blind into place. For a safer option with little ones add the tilt wand.

    no holes aluminum mini blinds Lexington KY


    Route openings are placed at the rear of the slat, giving blinds a tidy look while blocking unwanted light and increasing privacy.