What’s Your Window Shade Style?

With the various types of window treatments available, selecting the perfect window dressing might be a little daunting. You want to find one that complements your interior decor, adding a dash of edge and style to your indoor setting.
Are you looking for the right shades that add personality to your home? Allow nature a peek into your humble abode. Here are some of our window shade options that you can consider:

Roman shades window treatment

What’s Your Window Shade Style

One type of window shade that has been growing in popularity is the Roman shade. A flat, rectangular woven fabric, when raised, creates elegant gathers or folds horizontally below. They’re available in flat and hobbled styles. One of the reasons behind their popularity today is their stylish functionality. Roman shades combine the elegance of draperies and an attractive casual look that allows a soft, diffused light to enter the premises. Get your hands on some great discounts on roman shades.

Roller Shades

Roller shades Lexington

Roller shades Lexington

Are you looking for efficient window solutions with some privacy? The window roller shades are your ideal window treatment choice. Like Roman shades, they are mounted at the top of the window and, once shut, can cover the entire area of the window. Using an effective spring-loaded mechanism, they make a useful home decor addition that provides you with the privacy you need and the right protection to safeguard your furniture from the damaging rays of the sun.

Cellular Shades

cellular shades Lexington

cellular shades Lexington

Get that aesthetic appeal and design with cellular shades. Also referred to as honeycombs, they are designed to show off dozens of horizontal accordion-style pleats that are the epitome of high fashion. Unlike Roman and Roller shades, it does not remain completely flat against your window; instead, the pleats compress to the header to allow faint light to enter the room. They are available in several transparencies to choose from.

Solar Screen Shades

roller shades Lexington

If you have expensive furniture that can be damaged by direct sunlight, installing solar shades should be your very first priority. One of the reasons they remain a favorite of many is because they provide the best of both worlds: eliminating the sun’s harsh glare and offering an exquisite view of the outside.

However, it is essential to note that if privacy is one of your primary concerns, you may want to opt for the Roman or Roller shades instead. During the day, people outside may not be able to view inside, while you may enjoy a perfect view. At night, however, it’s the opposite. All in all, they’re stylish, beautiful, and perfectly functional, raising the value of your home.

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