Sheer Shades in Lexington, KY


Sunlight streams through the sheer fabric shade, while still offering a level of privacy. Changing glare into bright illumination.

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    Sheer shades, also known as window shadings, are a great way to revamp your windows. Also, it gives your room this outdoorsy look that also offers you a certain level of privacy. However, there are many other window treatment options available. You might find yourself asking, why should you choose sheer shades in Lexington, KY over them all?

    They Let Natural Light In
    Sheer shades have always been a favorite for those who love nature and the light. Identically these shades diffuse light, allowing just the right amount of soft light to enter the premises. Also, the harsh sunlight is reduced, the temperature within remains at a comfortable level.

    Protects Your Furniture
    Moreover, a significant factor that people consider when choosing blinds and shades in Lexington, KY. Identically the shade’s light control ability in protecting furniture is prone to damage due to direct sunlight. However, what happens when you want sunlight into your room. While at the same time, want to reduce the impact on your interior? Sheer shades provide a solution by blocking out the UV rays from entering the room.

    Available in a Variety of Designs & Styles
    Another great appeal is that sheer shadings are available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and 2″ and 3″ vane sizes in a variety of materials and finishes. Similarly, it makes it easy for you to mix and match coverings that best cater to your style requirements.

    You Get Your Much Loved Privacy
    Moreover, these sheer window shadings are not only highly functional in terms of interior protection. Also, have an aesthetic appeal with their clean and clutter-free look. Sheer shades are designed with two thin fabrics with fabric vanes suspended between them. When these vanes are open, you have a glimpse of the outside world, with gentle light filtering your home. If you close the fabric vanes, you get the privacy, along with the soft and elegant style.

    Ready To Go Sheer On Your Shades?

    Here is where you can get the best shades at great prices. Miller’s Window Works is a definitive resource for window treatment options in Lexington, Kentucky. With over four decades of experience, we are one of the leading window treatment professionals, offering perfect products within your budget. All products are custom made to clients specifications, employing the highest quality materials. We provide a range of blinds, pleated window shades, and various other shades, draperies, and shutters.


    sheer shades


    Inspiring Light

    The softness of sheers with the light control of blinds.


    The vast selection of window fashions available requires many different operating systems to meet every need. We have a creative solution for the job.

    hand pulling retractable cord Lexington KY


    Raises as well as lowers the covering and tilts the vanes to get precise light and privacy control. The single draw cord stays the same overall length to get enhanced child safety.

    Sheer Shades Lexington


    Utilized along with Remote Lift motorization, the Momenta app enables you to lower, raise and place your shades with your smart equipment. One can easily set up shades to function on their own at programmed times.

    hand holding motorized sheer shade remote Lexington KY


    Economical battery-powered RF system is rechargeable and features remote control operation. Solar panel recharge is available.


    Rotates vanes closed along with open as well as lowers and lifts your shades. The uniquely fashioned cord tensioner will need to be attached to the wall surface or window framework for it to function the proper way, so it eliminates hanging cords and improves child safety.


    commercial window treatments lexington, kyA light tug on the handle lifts and also lets down the shading and turns vanes. Without having visible cords, this particular choice provides enhanced safety.


    commercial window treatments lexington, kyWand and pendant motorized system lifts and lowers shadings with touch of a button.


    commercial window treatments lexington, kyClose, open, lower and lift your shades utilizing the touch of a button. Perfect when it comes to hard-to-reach windows, this battery-powered wireless system functions within a 65-foot radius, without any line of sight required.


    fabric wrapped sheer shade Lexington KY


    For the highest consistency in style, our optional fabric-covered headrail will give a seamless fit from top to bottom.

    two on one headrail sheer shade Lexington KY


    Keep oversized home windows looking tidy as well as well-balanced by putting two shades on one continuous headrail though they look as if one shade, they operate separately.

    tilt only sheer shades Lexington KY


    Narrow windows? Our Tilt-Only alternative deals with small windows and sidelights beautifully.