Motorized blinds offer a low-maintenance, cost-effective, and high-quality alternative to traditional window coverings. Here at Miller’s Window Works, we provide a wide selection of colors and styles and can tailor each set of blinds to meet your specific requirements. Beyond merely covering your windows, these blinds enhance your space with smart shading features. You can easily adjust the lighting and privacy levels with just the push of a button!

Types of motorized blinds

Aluminum blinds

Aluminum horizontal or vertical blinds are stylish and affordable window coverings. Some of the best options are mini blinds, which can be installed with cloth tape. These blinds are ideal for any home looking for affordable window treatments that give them control over the light that enters their space.

Wood blinds

Wood offers an elegant and traditional look and feel to any space. At Miller’s Window Works, we offer 100% basswood blinds, which we carefully tailor and finish to perfection with our optimum craftsmanship and components.

Faux wood

Do you want a more durable and moisture-resistant window treatment? We recommend our faux wood blinds. They are economical, low-maintenance, and suitable for any room, especially those exposed to high heat and humidity. They won’t split, crack, or warp, even when placed in bathrooms, kitchens, and garages.


Motorized blinds are like regular ones, except for manual operation. This can be great for some users who tend to pull or yank them too hard in the wrong direction, resulting in damage or uneven opening. The motorized function prevents those accidents and prolongs the lifespan of the blinds.

Additionally, these blinds can be handy for hard-to-reach windows. Just push a button, and the slats should close automatically. Ultimately, the motorization simplifies control over your blinds, allowing you to adjust them effortlessly, even if you don’t approach them.

Another reason to choose motorized blinds is to eliminate the use of cords, which can be a suffocation hazard to pets and children. These blinds are often cordless and powered remotely, eliminating those dangers.

How to choose

Feel free to consult us here at Miller’s Window Works for custom advice. We offer free shop-at-home design consultation to ensure the right motorized blinds for your budget and needs. You can also call 859-272-8199 for a complimentary design consultation.