Practically perfect in every way, faux wood shutters are classically beautiful, crazy durable.

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Poly faux wood shutters offer the highest performance at a reasonable price. This unique blend of materials and finish resists warping, shrinking, moisture absorption and other problems common to solid wood shutters.

Our faux wood finish stands up to chipping scuffing, peeling, inks, chipping, and general deterioration, and it incorporates a unique UV inhibitor to avoid color fading. It is offered in 2 1/2 ″ and 3 1/2 ″ louver sizes.

  • They are crafted with the finest solid Poly components using the latest modern technology.
  • Strengthened louvers and stiles
  • Moisture and humidity resistant
  • Insulates 65% better than wood
  • Will not yellow, crack, chip, crack, or twist.
  • Eco-Friendly (Green).
  • Flame Retardant NFPA 701 Certified.
  • Antimicrobial Certified.
  • Resistant to UV Rays.
  • Pest Resistant.

Benefits of Faux Wood shutters 

Easy to Use

Most shade styles aren’t actually simple to use; all things considered, establishment is certainly not a straightforward procedure. In any case, with fake wood shades, Here you can keep away from normal establishment disasters since they are overly simple to utilize and introduce to your window.

Provides a Lightweight Option

Introducing the screens are regularly the most debilitating piece of getting your shades, so getting shades that are lightweight can drop a great deal of weight from your shoulders. Thus Purchasing artificial wood screens will make introducing them in your home a lot simpler and quicker, in addition to your back won’t hurt as much when introducing them.

Enhanced Moisture Resistance

Lastly Not many things aggravate a property holder more than undesirable dampness in a house. In the event that you end up scrambling to tidy up messes left by dampness, at that point fake wood shades are definitely suited to your strengths. In contrast to other screen styles, producers manufacture artificial wood shades for most extreme dampness obstruction, so on the off chance that they get wet, you can clean them with a paper towel.


  • Five Hinge Finishes
  • Cut-Outs for French Doors
  • Many Designer Frame Choices
  • Specialty Designs (any shape, any size, and any window)
  • Tilt Rod Selection (standard, hidden, off-set)

elegance by design

Faux wood shutters provide the distinctive appearance of wood utilizing a solid polymer material to increase energy efficiency, sturdiness, and durability.


There are many shutter materials and options to learn about, so we have included some videos with detailed information. We believe an educated consumer makes the best consumer.


A common inquiry from shoppers what’s faux wood shutters? It is actually is a French word meaning imitation or fake also referred as polysynthetic, and poly faux wood shutters.


MDF shutters are an economical shutter that meets the requirements of many property owners wanting plantation shutters. It is also referred as composite shutters.


PVC shutters are limited in colors but have the right colors for most homes.
The typical name for PVC shutters is generally Vinyl Shutters. It is a type of plastic known as polyvinyl chloride.


Deco frame is merely a particular type of framing created for face mount or outside mount shutters. This specific frame is used generally when a window is out of square, has a shallow inset jamb, tilt in windows or out of square windows.


A stile merely is the up and down section related to the shutter panel. The astragal stile is utilized to close the space in between a pair of shutter panels. The astragal is a feature that laps over the gap between butting shutter panels.


By having split tilt, one can easily regulate separate segments of plantation shutters individually, when it comes to ideal lighting control. This particular choice is typically no charge from the majority of shutter manufacturers. Split tilt is different from mid-rail as well as divider rail options.


Hidden tilt is not the very same as rear tilt. The hidden tilt feature is hidden inside the stile, thus is concealed while the rear tilt mechanism can be noticed connected to the rear of the louvers.


Making use of divider rails provides stability to shutter panels. Interior shutter divider rails are often referred to as mid rails since they are in the middle or half of the panel.

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