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The alternating sheer and opaque linear bands in our Dual Shades are both masterful and modern in protecting privacy and guiding light. Exquisite and innovative? We think so.

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    Dual shades are without a doubt a stylish, modern window covering & treatment that has increased immensely in the last few years. Likewise the dual-layered fabric is made with alternating bands of sheer and solid sections.

    Also they provide a level of privacy. Also at the same time continue to let varying amounts of light through your window. Likewise you’ll love the performance of a roller shade integrated with the sleek. Also an up-to-date fashion of sheer and solid fabrics.

    Moreover with a vast selection of styles and different color options along with multiple bandwidth sizes. Also these dual window shades from Alta will certainly accommodate all from conventional to ultra modern decor styles.

    Moreover reducing glare and maintaining privacy, shades of the window are also useful. Likewise to save energy by helping to isolate and prevent dissipation of energy. Furthermore the Shades should be installed sufficiently close to the window panes to allow a well-sealed airspace.  Also the Dual shades (which on one side are highly reflective, or light-colored. Likewise on the other side are heat-absorbing, or dark-colored) are even more energy efficient than most common shades. Accordingly the reflective side should always be up against the warmer side.


    Because Design Matters

    Line up the opaque bands as well as move them while in either a raised or lowered position and you get an outside view, but the sun is filtered to the indoors, protecting your furnishings.
    Alternating the bands, and you get privacy.


    The wide selection of window fashions available requires many different operating systems to meet every need. We have an innovative solution for the job.

    smart dual shade demo


    For enhanced young child safety and hard-to-reach windows, the motorized lift is a perfect option. The battery-powered motorized system controls the shades at the touch of a button.

    remote controlled dual shade


    The RF motorization system works by push-button control, and the batteries are rechargeable for convenience and extra cost savings.

    power wand remote on a dual shade


    The wand and pendant function system lower and lifts shades utilizing the tap of a button. PowerWand is economical and rechargeable, too.

    dual shade with cord pull


    Developed for accuracy and reliability and ease-of-use. Cord loop remains the same length, and the cord tensioner secures dangling cords.