If you’re in Lexington, KY and are looking for high-quality custom window shutters, look no further than Miller’s Window Works. We have over 4 decades of providing tailor-made shutters and other elegant window treatments in Lexington. Our wealth of experience and knowledge allows us to satisfy homeowners and commercial clients alike.

A visit to our Design Center can get you started with a myriad of designs and styles to find the perfect product that meets your needs. Or you can have our seasoned professionals come to you for a convenient shop-at-home experience. At the same time, we can expertly measure your windows and consider your space’s requirements to help you make an informed choice.

Are you interested in shutters? Keep reading to discover how our products can enhance your home’s comfort and aesthetics.

What are the available shutters near me?

At Miller’s Window Works, we offer window shutters in the following materials:

  • WoodOur plantation wood shutters are carefully handcrafted using locally sourced materials and with expert craftsmanship. These options make spaces sophisticated while adding a timeless feel.
  • Faux woodWe use poly faux wood if you want extra-durable, high-performance shutters that resist moisture absorption, pests, shrinking, and warping. Additionally, this material is antimicrobial-certified, flame-retardant, and eco-friendly. We also add a unique UV inhibitor to preserve the shutters’ color.
  • BasswoodFor these shutters, we use high-quality wood from the North American Linden tree. The wood’s warm and natural appearance makes it popular for shutters. Plus, it has a subtle grain that delivers a clean and elegant finish. Although lightweight, basswood is sturdy and maintains your preferred finish. We can even apply a resin to prevent bleeding.

Who can install shutters near me?

At Miller’s Window Works, we don’t just provide high-quality shutters to your home. We have expert installers to guarantee flawless installation, optimum functionality, and a perfect fit every time. We recommend browsing our selection and talking to us about your choices so we can help you choose and install the best shutters with precision.

How can I get shutters near me?

To get started, request an appointment with us here at Miller’s Window Works! Submit the online form to arrange a free shop-at-home design consultation, or call 859-272-8199.