Window Covering That Help You Sleep Better

Very few people know that light and darkness are perhaps the most potent cues that tell your body if it’s time to set sail for the day or rest. Have you been feeling too tired lately yet cannot get a good night’s sleep? Is your infant having trouble sleeping regularly? Our ability to sleep is linked to the exposure of light in our room and melatonin levels – the hormones that regulate your sleep cycle.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the exposure to light stimulates a nerve pathway from our retina, traveling to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). It initiates signals to the brain that control functions such as body temperature and our body’s ability to feel drowsy or stay awake.

Your body needs the appropriate melatonin levels to sleep regularly, and there are window coverings that can help create that atmosphere.

Sleeping Better – The Temperature, Sound & Light Control

We’ve discussed our biological tick for sleep deprivation 101: light. However, even with the room in complete darkness, you will still need the place to have enough privacy that warrants some sleep. Moreover, temperature plays a critical role. Too hot or too cold, and you’re up for the night again.

So we asked some sleep-deprived parents the ideal conditions that would facilitate the perfect sleep. They highlighted three factors:

  • Cool temperature
  • Dark environment
  • Quiet environment

Here are some options that you should consider:

Cellular Shades For the Ideal Temperature & Blackout

Cellular shades have long been considered one of the most energy-efficient options. They use an integrated foil technology of the cellular blackout shade that maximizes the insulating properties of the non-woven polyester fabric. This is the ultimate reason behind its blackout capabilities and the shades’ ability to regulate the temperature indoors. We offer you a variety of cellular shades.

Draperies For Sound Control

Perhaps you should consider some soft window treatments as well. In addition to keeping the light out and awarding you with privacy, drapes have a renowned reputation for absorbing any sound that threatens to interrupt your sleep or that of your infant’s.

Roller Shades Keep the Light Out

For a long time, roller shades have been a popular choice to keep out the light to protect expensive furniture that is vulnerable to the sunlight. They’re durable, easy to maintain, and offer privacy and light control functions.

Ready for a good night’s sleep? Check out more options at Miller’s Window Works. We offer a range of blinds, shades, draperies, and shutters. Have it customized by scheduling your consultation today!