Why Lexington Should Fall In Love with Cellular Shades

Looking for that sleek and stylish look for your windows?

For homeowners who want to go above and beyond the traditional look, the honeycomb design feature of cellular shades offers them the perfect solution to quench their design needs. But that’s not all. These window shades are more than just a ‘pretty face.’ They beautifully combine an aesthetic and functional appeal to provide you with an attractive window option. Here is why you will love them:

Effectively Controls Lights

Cellular shades may vary in their opaqueness of the fabrics. If you want nature to enter your room, you may opt for a light material that allows soft light to diffuse into the room. This is great for a breakfast room or living room arrangement. For a more light-controlled environment fit for a den or bedroom, you may choose a thicker material that keeps most light out. These shades are elegant 3/8″ pleat, offering a clean, classic look that blocks 99% of damaging UV rays.

It Reduced Your Carbon Footprints

Are your utility bills taking a chunk out of your income? Your choice of blinds can help! Cellular shades considered one of the most energy-efficient, reducing your electricity bills by a whopping 30%. So you’re not just saving the planet, but your money as well. The design creates pockets of air that act as the perfect insulation, trapping the room’s cooling or heat.

Absorbs Sound

Not only does it capture the air, but the unique honeycomb design also absorbs sound from entering the environment. This is especially useful for homes situated in high traffic areas and if the sound of ongoing traffic is a common concern that interrupts your routine.

You Get the Perfect View

You may have to compromise if you want to go for privacy or sunlight exposure in some cases. But with cellular shades, you can get the best of both worlds. When shut, they provide you with the perfect coverage; but when opened, they allow sunlight to filter in, so you get to enjoy the view without sacrificing your privacy.

They Offer Great Real Estate Value

As a property goes into the resale market, the most valuable advice that real estate agents give their clients is to upgrade or install window treatments. They provided a new, contemporary look to the house, making your property more appealing to potential homebuyers.

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