What are Smart Shades?

Smart Shades perform the same job as usual window shades. Only they are doing it smartly, adding value to your home. Many homeowners in Georgetown, KY, who are giving thought to motorized window treatment options, want to help control the sunlight and heat loss throughout the day in a convenient way. Most of them are at the office, spending the majority of the day away from home. Even if they work from home, they find checking, opening, and closing their shades frustrating and a waste of their precious time. Having motorized smart shades in your home gives you the needed convenience of operating the shades with a button or remote control or scheduling it to happen automatically during the day. 

If you have small children or pets, you know how frustrating shades with cords get stuck or repeatedly broken because of incorrect usage. Some surveys show that window treatments with corded systems represent a safety hazard for both children and pets. With a motorized cordless system, you will increase the safety of your household, making it child and pet-friendly. Moreover, having smart shades from Miller’s Window Works will provide you with expanded home security. They will make it seem like somebody is at home while you are at work or on vacation. You can easily put a timer to work a couple of times in a day, which may prevent someone from breaking in. Many homeowners in Georgetown, KY, have become aware of that, taking precautions to ensure their safety.

By choosing motorized smart shades, you are protecting the members of your family and pets and your valuable possessions like new flooring and furniture. Smart home integration means protecting all your material possessions from fading, sunlight damage, and involuntary aging. With opening and closing at different peaks of the day, motorized shades help prolong the life of your flooring, wall paint, rugs, and furniture. And all of this is done automatically, without having to repeat boring activities by yourself.

Now that you know a little bit more about smart shades, do not hesitate to contact Miller’s Window Works for more information on the product. If you live in Georgetown, KY, schedule a free consultation with our team at your home to discuss your window covering needs.