Motorized Shades in Lexington, KY

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With remote-controlled shades, you can raise as well as lower your window treatments with a tap of a button.

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    Motorized Shades

    Here at Miller’s Window Works, we provide motorized shades in Lexington, KY for homeowners. If you want the best coverings for your window, you have to consider many factors. You have to think about the color, design, size, energy efficiency, ease of use, and most importantly, your budget! If you are already overwhelmed by these factors, then you do not need to worry. At Miller’s Window Works, we are here for you.

    Don’t rush into your decision to purchase shades for your home. Take your time and look for the best possible solution which can last for a long duration.

    Types of Shades

    The primary purpose of shades is to keep the sunlight out of your room. Blackout, solar, and honeycomb shades in Lexington, KY are among the most widely used shades. Additionally, these shade types come in several different colors. If you select shades with the right material, you can manage your room temperature and maintain the right amount of light levels in your home.

    Some homeowners appreciate the dark and cool environment created by the blackout shades. Likewise, some want the light to enter their homes even when their shades are closed.

    Catering to the Young and Adults

    Are your children young?

    Parents are well aware of how the cords in standard shades are a nuisance. It is quite challenging to keep the kids away from these cords. Luckily, motorized shades don’t contain a lot of cords. If you can easily stretch your budget, then you can take advantage of advanced motorized shades.

    If you have elderly or disabled family members, then you cannot always adjust the shades for them. In your absence, they may struggle with the adjustment of shades. Therefore, think about installing motorized shades for their sake.

    Protection of Furniture and Floors

    Automated shades can help you protect your floors, furniture, and any valuables that are threatened by the sunlight. You might want to let the sunlight enter your home so your pet can find a comfortable spot to sleep. However, the sunshine can spoil the colors on your floor. While this does not mean you have to completely block the sunlight, motorized shades can help you with adjustments when the sun is at its raging peak. In this way, you can extend the life of your rugs, furniture, floors, and paint.

    We offer several types of motorized shades and motorized blinds in the Lexington area. We provide options for high-rise commercial structures like hotels, offices, and restaurants. Contact us so we can help you improve the comfort level of your home or office.