Kitchen Window Treatments

Installing new kitchen window treatments can improve the way your kitchen appears. Based on the type of fabric and material you choose, you can easily add another layer of personality to your household. Today’s most popular options are blinds, shades, and shutters. Depending on your preferences, all mentioned window treatments can offer you needed privacy, home décor improvement, or a lovely tool for sunlight control.

Analyze the area around the windows in your kitchen

Before you go and purchase window treatments for your kitchen windows, stop for a moment and look around your kitchen, especially around the area where the windows are. Usually, homeowners base their decision on the existing kitchen design style. Still, they tend to forget the small details, like they are positioned above the kitchen sink so they will get splashed – in other words, whatever covers them will get wet frequently. In that case, you should go with water-resistant options like faux wood blinds or any other PVC-based window product. They will be easy to clean and maintain without distorting their shape and material, unlike curtains that would require constant cleaning.

Avoid certain materials for curtains.

 Additionally, if you do not like the idea of having curtains on your kitchen windows, choose shutters or blinds made of natural materials like faux wooden or bamboo blinds that will immediately brighten the place and add a sense of charming beauty and delight to your home.

Nothing is out-of-date

 As for the right fabric and material choice, everything is accepted as long as you follow your kitchen’s existing style or the rest of your home. Some people would perceive plantation shutters as no longer current and conservative. Still, the truth is they are as popular as solar screen shades. The beauty lies in the fusion of everyday kitchen appeal and both the beauty and functionality of someone’s window treatment choice.

Think about the surrounding area

Some people have lower kitchen windows with window sills or right next to the horizontal surface like a table they use as storage space. If you have a similar situation, installing the right window treatment for your windows is a crucial part of this project. A small mistake can lead to you moving all the items in your storage space when you want to open the window. The proper choice for this type of kitchen-window area would be stylish roller shades with easy-to-maintain fabric materials.

Ideas for small kitchen windows 

Big and wide windows are easier to dress up, unlike small and narrow ones, but this is not the reason to despair. For smaller windows, you can go with custom-made window treatment options or choose alternative window coverings. Valances are hanging fabrics on the top of your window that will act as the decorating crown for your windows without sparing the space of its natural light source. Suppose you still want to maintain some privacy. In that case, you can purchase roller shades beneath it and assure yourself of enough light and privacy for your home.

Add colors and textures to your life.

Typically, most people choose neutral, white, or natural colors for their window treatments. Still, recently, there has been an increasing trend of a wide variety of colors, materials, and patterns you can choose to improve your inner kitchen space’s appeal. If you also want to ensure more privacy while staying trendy, choose roller or roman shades with woven material. You will achieve a unique and modern appeal.

Choosing and buying window treatments for your kitchen is not an easy job, although it may look like it is a no-brainer. Do not be scared of stepping outside-the-box and exploring the beauty of different shapes and materials. Have in mind the functionality of the space, its size, and your current kitchen décor. You can always find inspiration in other people’s ideas to help you choose the best kitchen window treatment option perfect for you and your home.