Plantation shutters are not probably the first thing that pops into your mind when shopping for new home furnishings. You may think of them as old-fashioned and traditional, something you would most likely find in your grandma’s place. The truth is, they have been around since the 18th century, mostly used on plantation mansions. Hence the name. But if you are tired of curtains never staying closed or blinds ramming and always getting stuck, and you are looking for new home improvement, plantation shutters can add a new design to your overall home style. They can be lovely and effective protection in a sunny Lexington.

Why choose plantation shutters for your home?

Shutters are a beautiful addition to any house but are not only praised for their aesthetic look. They are also a functional part of a household, making your home comfortable and safe, and saving your money. When installing shutters in your home, Miller’s Window Works company in Lexington uses its highly trained team for the superb results as it is important for shutters to be fitted correctly to provide a great value to our clients.


All window accessories are used to ensure your privacy in your home but with plantation shutters, you are in control of how much privacy you want to reveal without limiting your home of its natural light. If you are still up for an afternoon nap, you can easily close them all the way. Curtains usually do not offer an effective privacy blocking solution and blinds need to be shut completely to work effectively.


Choosing wood for shutters’ material will not only give your home a fashionable rustic appearance but will reduce external noises and loud sounds coming to your house. Wood is a great acoustic insulator meaning you can be relaxed in your home without worrying about traffic, loud neighbors, and night bars and clubs.


Occasional dusting and wiping down with a cloth will be enough to maintain them throughout the year. With the right material, Miller’s Window Works company offers, like solid wood or polyvinyl, plantation shutters can stay strong and durable for many years. They are a great choice, especially for business owners working in a hectic environment, like restaurants.


A flexible shading solution gives you the power to control heat during summer while still having your window opened for ventilation. This reduces the costs of HVAC systems and decreases your bills all year long. Moreover, choosing long-lasting material, you avoid frequent maintenance and repair costs, as blinds are easily torn and crack. Curtains on the other end fade and are a great source of dust so need to be cleaned more often, requiring more water to spend or money on dry cleaning services.


When you want to increase your home’s curb appeal, adding plantation shutters to your property will instantly increase its value. Buyers love to see shutters on a house as they never go out of style and look great even decades after. A small change like adding colorful shutters can improve the look of plain properties, giving them a timeless and trendy appearance.

Are plantation shutters still in style?

The correct answer is: They have never gotten out of style. With many adjustments over the years, from decorative framing and a wider louver to colorful stained finish and a hidden tilt rod feature, shutters have stayed in the game for hundreds of years. Although it may seem like they can only be found in the countryside or old and dull factories, plantation shutters stood the test of time and are among the first choices when renovating homes. Especially when they offer a picturesque view from the inside, and a modernized architectural appearance from the outside.

Just watch any home decoration or home-buying television shows, and you will see how they are a popular choice for many homeowners and buyers as they represent a perfect balance between design and function. That is why today when it comes to plantation shutters, you can choose among many different styles and materials. You can either go with full height ones that cover the whole windows or café style shutters that cover only the lower part. If you have a patio, you may consider folding tracked shutters that will allow easy access in and out of your home.

If you own a traditional-style home, shutters will become a perfect fit, uniting with your Victorian or colonial home appearance like a chameleon. If you are the owner of a modern home, you may be worried you will make a mistake with choosing shutters for your windows. Yet current shutter designs may offer more contemporary feeling than any other window coverage. They can either stand as a focal point of a property or blend in, making it perennial and classic. Shutters have gotten many updates since the old days, and there is a wide range of different styles and patterns available on the market.

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