Bathroom window Treatments Lexington 

The best window treatments for bathrooms are those that look luxurious without compromising on windows functionality and maintenance. Depending on your bathroom interiors a wide range of bathroom window treatments are available in countless themes and color schemes.

If you live in Lexington and looking for good Window treatments in the bathroom then Miller’s Window Works will help you with different materials that suit the environment accordingly. When it comes to bathroom window treatments, water-resistant materials are more in demand. 

In this category, the popular ones are plastics and vinyl such as EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) or PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) and faux wood. These are strong, durable, and are within the average cost range. The faux wood is very trendy as it gives the appearance of wood finish but unlike wood, when placed in contact with water it does not swell or wears away. These materials are very easy to clean, as they can be washed and wiped with a sponge or wipe cloth so they can be kept quick.

Other ideas for bathroom window treatments also include completely refurbishing your window by changing its basic form. Miller’s Window Works in Lexington does this by effectively by adding a variety of window styles such as the awnings, bay windows, stained glass, Japanese-styled woven bamboo windows, fancy grills, fully or partially glazed work, casement windows, and Jalousie windows.

Infusing your bathroom window treatments with miniature clerestory windows can add more luxury to your large bathroom. Acrylic glass block windows play a large part in embellishing the bathrooms.

You can put curtains and draperies in place to perform treatments for existing windows. Curtains and valances come in hundreds of patterns and colors. You can choose from a range of cotton, vinyl, nylon, and plastic materials and fabrics. Make sure the material is colorfast, strong, and does not wear away by soap scum before buying the curtains. For your bathroom window treatments, you can get valances of all kinds.

For a warm and light look, you can buy sheer fabrics such as lace, muslin, and net, or opt for dark-colored swags for the heavy look. These window curtains have to be backed by shades to allow sufficient privacy while using the nightly bathrooms. The curtains can be tied either on either side or on one side depending on how easy they are to operate. The valances may be simple fabrics or types of boxes, or in shelf form.

Appropriate Window Treatment for Your Bathroom

The shelf valance is very trendy because for decorative purposes you can keep fancy, potpourri, and ornate bath salt jars. Beaded valances may be used on their own or in combination with other valances. At Miller’s Window Works we believe that Bathroom window treatments should be innovative and different from the usual window treatments for children’s bathrooms. The curtain rods can be innovative forms like a tree branch or a curtain rod shaped like a Christmas candy for the windows of your children’s bathrooms.

vertical with free hang fabrics


You can make valances out of the shower curtains or use the adhesive window cling on your windows for cost-effective bathroom window treatments.