Whether you require more privacy or sunlight control, expect high-quality roller shades in Lexington, KY, to deliver. These timeless window coverings come in endless design and style possibilities to ensure they complement your interior design. Whether layered with other treatments or used on their own, they can elevate any space while allowing you to control the amount of light that enters your room. Keep reading for more benefits of installing roller shades!

Flexible designs

Roller shades can provide spaces with an uncluttered and neat appearance and create a cohesive look with other window treatments. Consider having them customized to have a focal point in your space. Professional window treatment providers in Lexington, KY, will expertly measure your windows to ensure high-quality and carefully fitted roller shades.

Manage sunlight

Too much sunlight can cause furniture to fade or deteriorate sooner due to the UV rays from the sun. In addition, it can increase the temperature indoors and cause your air conditioning to work harder. Custom roller shades provide a stylish and convenient way to block sunlight and manage how much light can enter your room. Reputable providers offer innovative control options (such as power wand, cordless touch lift, rechargeable RF motorization, clutch lift, and remote lift motorization) so you can conveniently control the amount of sunlight that enters your room.

Privacy and practicality

Roller shades in Lexington, KY, are more practical when you want additional privacy indoors, especially in high-traffic areas like kitchens and living rooms. Curtains and drapes can make those rooms look and feel cluttered and cramped, especially when the space is small or has too many windows. Roller shades take less space and are virtually discreet when rolled up, so they don’t add bulk to the room. In addition, they provide a streamlined and sleek look when pulled down or rolled up.

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