The Truth About Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Whether you’re moving into a new home or revamping the current one, you’re probably looking into window treatment options. You may come across several options that offer you different features and benefits, from draperies to mini blinds.

When you’re deciding on your window covering, you know that it is a once-made decision that you may have to live with for a long time. It makes sense to get it right the first time. And so, we focus on one of our favorite window options – the cellular shades, to make sure you get all the facts straight so that you make the right decision. Take a look at the unacknowledged truth about cellular shades:

Great Insulators – So Your Utility Bill Is Lowered!

Cellular shades are shaped in a unique honeycomb design that contributes to its insulation feature. As the cold or hot air hits the shade, it is trapped in the cells, maintaining the house’s temperature. So ultimately, you are kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer. As a result, your utility bills are lowered substantially.

Excellent Control of Light

Cellular shades have an integrated foil technology that maximizes the non-woven polyester fabric’s insulating properties, enhancing its blackout capabilities. They are designed with various pleat sizes that block 99% of damaging UV rays. You can choose to beautify your home while keeping the light out with honeycomb blackout cellular shades.

The Top-Down/Bottom-Up 

In some cases, you may want the benefits of privacy while, at the same time, enjoying the stunning and glorious external view. That’s where the top-down/bottom layout is most useful. Cellular shades are perhaps the only kind of window covering that offers this level of flexibility. With this feature, you can raise the bottom like any regular shade. But in addition to that, you may also lower the top in a top-down manner. Let nature seep into your house during a chilly fall afternoon, and keep the sun out on a harsh day.

Child Safety Option

If you have kids, you know how essential it is to incorporate safety aspects into your home décor. Cellular shades offer cordless options, so there is no worry about entanglement risks. Furthermore, since we design your window covering as per your preference – custom made – we make sure to manufacture cellular shades that are specifically designed to meet safety requirements for your child.

Overall, cellular shades offer you insulation benefits, light control, privacy, and security. What more could you want from your window treatment option? Please take a look at our collection of discount cellular shades and various other discount window treatments.

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