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Style Is The Right Fit With Custom Blinds

Keeping the sun from damaging your furnishings is one of the functions of custom blinds. You also want the blinds to fit the style of your room. The best options for your blinds to look great is to have them custom made. At Miller’s Window Works in Nicholasville KY, you will find the best custom blinds to make the rooms in your home both functional and beautiful. Here are some of the things to think about when picking custom blinds for your home.

Blind Materials

Custom blinds are made of many different materials wood, faux wood, aluminum, and fabric are some of the materials used when creating custom blinds. You want to find the best fit for the style of the room you are decorating. You can put different blinds in different rooms creating different moods. The choice is yours as to what kinds of blinds you want. Miller’s Window Works has been serving the Lexington, Ky area since 1981. We are professionals and will assist you in making the best decision for your home.

Motorized or Manual

Blinds can be opened entirely, or you can tilt them to let light in. This is part of the beauty of custom blinds is they function in many ways. You can either have them move by motorized or you can have corded or cordless blinds. Manual or motorized blinds are some of the decisions you will have to make when deciding on blinds. It is crucial you make decisions based on your lifestyle and what is comfortable for you.

Vertical or Horizontal

Another decision you will have to make, do you want vertical blinds or horizontal blinds? The answer to this question will be either your preference or what will look better in the room. The type of window you are putting the blinds on will also determine which direction of blinds will suit your place more.

Here at Miller’s Window Works we will be happy to answer all your questions about custom blinds. Take a look at our variety of custom window treatments today.