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We manufacture our Allure basswood shutters right here in Nicholasville.

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    When it comes to wood shutters, a basswood shutter is right there at the top. These shutters are made from a tree called “Linden,” which is native to North America. Widely known as “Bast,” which refers to the tree’s inner bark, the shutters made from this wood are considered quite sturdy. The tree grows to an impressive height of 130 feet and has a life expectancy of up to 80 years.

    We offer a wide variety of basswood shutters here in the Lexington area. When shopping for wood window shutters, the most important thing you should look for is the wood’s quality. Every wood shutter that we offer is made of high-quality materials that surpass others. One of the reasons why basswood is an excellent choice for shutters is its natural and warm appearance. The indistinct grain gives an elegant and clean finish that compliments your house well.

    Basswood Shutters in Lexington KYBenefits of Basswood Shutters

    Basswood shutters might be light in weight, but they are quite tough and sturdy. So you can imagine that it is incredibly durable and strong. The grain quality mentioned above gives the basswood a clear base. Because of this, the shutter can maintain its finish. The resin applied also benefits the basswood by preventing bleeding. If you are looking for an environment-friendly wood shutter, then basswood is the best choice because it is a renewable resource.

    They are made to endure the intense sun, which is what makes them the best wood shutters in Lexington area.

    Exceptional Prices

    Basswood shutters cost will vary depending on the window size and the number of features you add on. Additional options include hidden tilt rods, motorized operation, and other types of detailing that are not included in the standard specifications.

    Measurement and Installation

    The hassles that accompany installation can disrupt your entire routine. You can count on Miller’s Window Works to install your basswood shutters in just a couple of hours and then get out of your way.

    Our free estimate service involves a visit to your house, where we will assess your window needs and then give you an accurate quote. Sound good?

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any queries. Our expert installers will evaluate your windows and advise the best window shutter fit. So, are you ready to get your basswood shutters in Lexington KY? Then call us now and make an appointment.